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Where’s the conflict, you have to have conflict
your readers are going to get bored, wander off to their own lives of mundane activity described with the words in their heads
you have to bring them in
you have to have a hook
you can’t say:
The woman looked at her exquisite watch made of gold and diamonds that shines with all the glory of the sun,
you have to say:
The woman looked at the watch her first husband gave her
now the audience is interested, curious
they want to know why she is on her second husband
“did she cheat on her first with her second?” they ask
or maybe her first died in some sort of crazy explosion and the town is still not sure if she had anything to do with it
or even better:
the woman sighed as she carefully unwrapped the watch that had been a gift from her first husband
emotion in words; sighed, carefully
these make people cream themselves
conflict, action
use action words:
running, chasing, screaming, stabbing
create drama
is the watch a metaphor for time and the impending death of all of us
longing, wanting, yearning
“What does your character yearn for?” She asked me in her office, light streaming in the windows bringing out the blue in her eyes
“That’s why I usually write poetry.”

by Brian Feist


Written by lickmypoetry

April 14, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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