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PoMotion: production of poetry has launched a new page on the blog:  Write On!

It is here that we will feature the ‘first’ poems of artists, of all ages, in the hopes that their love of writing will flourish and they will know what it feels like to be heard.

The first post, A Young Child, is the work of a young, Native American writer, Vivica Goodlance.

When I first showed the PoMotion blog to Vivica, she sat and listened  to one poem over and over again.

The poem was one I had written about my life on the Hoh River, What It Was.

A few days later Israel’s ‘Poetry news you can use..’ post included a youtube video of the Urban Legends Poetry Slam.  All of the kids were blown away.  “That’s poetry?” They asked me.

It is I told them.

Vivica brought me a poem of her own; my hope is that it is the first of many.

The writing process suddenly become concrete for her, in that we drafted, edited and then published her work over the course of a week or so.

The experience set me to thinking and the Write On! Page was born.

A second submission by new poet, Ruby Holt, ‘You,’ was posted today in tandem with this article.

Ruby Holt is the 18 year old mother of two beautiful boys.  Her life experiences are a meshing of American Indian, Latino, and white cultures.  Wrapped in a blanket of adversity, the winds of privilege blow over so many people.  Not Ruby.  She speaks her mind and trumpets the feelings of her heart to you no matter who You are or where You come from.

Poetry is all around us.  It is the poet’s job to wrangle it onto the page.  We would love to read your submissions, whether it be the writings of your children, students, family member, friends, coworkers….whomever.

While the Write On! page is a space to celebrate poets who are just getting a start, we also published the work of novice and professional writers as well.

The Write On! page (and PoMotion Poetry in general) is always taking submissions:  pomotion123@gmail.com.

Posted by Sue Zalokar


Written by lickmypoetry

April 27, 2010 at 10:23 am

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