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PoMotion welcomes Julie McCurdy

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Since Julie McCurdy was first published in Street Roots in March of 2009, her experiences and writing has affected the way Portlanders view homelessness. Street Roots covers many aspects of poverty, from many different perspectives.  Personal narratives married to hard-hitting journalism is one of the key elements to keeping Street Roots interesting and engaged in shaping the future of a city. Julie’s narrative and poetry help formulate that magic— to actual have a voice, and to create change.

I don’t say any of this lightly.

In “Notes on becoming an urban gypsy,” Julie writes one of the more scary and insightful pieces on becoming homeless for the first time.  The column rattled me. I was instantly a fan.

Cries of solidarity,” ran in several street newspapers around the globe and became a rallying cry for homeless and housing activists around the country. It’s a beautiful and inspiring piece.

Julie’s words are magic.  They so often capture the crossroads, where the dark meets the light. Julies tells of a world that holds little logic or resolutions. Yet she endures. Many do. Refusing to retreat. Holding the line. Not only standing up and demanding to be heard, but doing it with a beautiful passion that refuses not to be ignored.

PoMotion is very happy to welcome Julie to the blog. Her poetry, like her column is beautiful and sincere, tragic and thought provoking. Check out her first poem, “The Legacy,” and visit her bio page to learn more.

By Israel Bayer


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May 29, 2010 at 11:22 pm

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