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The Orchestra and the Shattered Instrument

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Some fussing for the fussers,
some worrying for the worriers,
some daring for the darers.

Some impossibility for not only
the impossiblers but also for
the hunters and the warriors.

Some delight for everyone, even
if they have to take theirs in
deepest secret even from themselves.

Some melody for the melodiers,
some pounding for the pounders,
some silence for the silencers.

Some air for the airers,
some fire for the firers,
some water for the waterers,
some dirt for everyone.

Some leaps for the leapers,
some falls for the fallers,
some hope for the hopers.

Some irritation for the irritators,
some panic for the panickers,
some dying for the dyers.

Each alone, a poor music,
but all together, the great music,
the music of what happens.

By Lance M. Loder


Written by lickmypoetry

September 18, 2010 at 3:03 pm

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