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Dream. Follow. Repeat.

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I teach Adult Literacy on the Quileute Reservation.  As part of my ongoing instruction and mentoring through the goal setting process, I set the goal to read 52 books in 2010.  A list of the books I actually read this year follows below.  I had my heart set on achieving the whole goal.  I didn ‘t make 52, but I DID read 40+ books that I might not have read.  A persons got to have a dream.   Dream.  Follow.  Repeat.

From all of us at poMotion:  may your dreams come true this year. 

1. Gallo, Kenny & Randazzo V, Matthew.   Breakshot:  A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia.
2. Lansing, Alfred. Endurance:    Shakleton’s Incredible Voyage.
3. Tobin, L.      What Do You Do With a Child Like This?  Inside the Lives      
       of Troubled Children.
4. Peavy, Linda & Smith, Ursula.   Full Court Quest
5. Piercy, Marge.     Woman on the Edge of Time
6. Crow Dog, Mary.     Lakota Woman
7. Finkel, David.     The Good Soldiers
8. Piercy, Marge.     Early Grrrl 
9. Harrar, Sari.      The Sugar Solution
10. Larson, Luke.      Senator’s Son
11. Craighead George, Jean.    The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo.
12. Murdock, Bob.      Untitled Manuscript.
13. Avi.       Wolf Rider
14. Dorris, Michael.     Guests
15. LeGuin, Ursula K.    Sea Road:  The Chronicles of Klatsand
16. Mortenson, Greg.     Stones to Schools
17. Valliant, John.    The Golden Spruce
18. Hrdlitschka, Shelly.     Dancing Naked
19. Delaplane, Keith, S.    First Lessons in Beekeeping
20. Akpan, Uwem.      Say You’re One of Them
21. Alexie, Sherman.     Ten Little Indians
22. Kingsolver, Barbara.     Animal Vegetable Miracle
23. Butler, Octavia, E.     Kindred
24. Seibold, Alice.     The Lovely Bones
25. Paulson, Gary.     Dog Song
26. Wroblewski, David.     The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
27. Kristof, Nicholas, D. & WuDunn, Sheryl. Half the Sky:  Turing Oppression into Oppourtunity for
       Women Worldwide
28. Berlinski, Misha.     Fieldwork
29. Krakauer, Jon.     Where Men Win Glory
30. Gilbert, Elizabeth.     Eat Pray Love
31. Robbins, Tom.      Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates
32. Ferlinghetti.     Her
33. Salinger, J.D.     The Catcher in the Rye
34. Pahalnuck, Chuck.     Pygmy
35. Sayles, John.      The Anarchists’ Convention
36. Mapes, Lynda, V.     Breaking Ground:  The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe & the
       Unearthing of Tse-Whit-Zen
37. Atwood, Margaret.     Wilderness Tips
38. Brooks, Geraldine.    People of the Book
39. Halpern, Justin.     Shit My Dad Says
40. Stein, Garth.      The Art of Racing in the Rain
41. Rawles, Nancy.     My Jim
42. Truss, Lynn.      Eats Shoots and Leaves
43. Chabon, Michael.     The Escapist I, II, III
44.      *See above
45.      *See above
46. Woolf, Virginia.     A Room of One’s  Own
47. Stieg, Larson.     The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
48. Hinton, S.E.    The Outsiders
49. Franzen, Jonathan   The Corrections  *unfinished*


Sue Zalokar

Written by lickmypoetry

December 31, 2010 at 10:07 am


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Outside of anger is forgiveness
outside of forgiveness is fear
fear of forgetting
the guns pointed at people to protect them

remembrance is inside of anger
anger is inside of fear
fear is the one unifying emotion of both
fearfulness is out side reason

we have no reason for the treatment of cattle or people, or which one is which
“It can’t be helped, we have to move on,” is
the mantra or the mooing
the cattle prod reminds us where we are
fear of the cattle prod keeps us where we are

Brian Feist

Written by lickmypoetry

December 24, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Old Drunks

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late nights on public transit
are always an adventure

old drunks
try to pick me up
all the time

they gravitate to me
as if it is so apparent
how sympathetic
I could be
to their situations

and somehow appreciate
that I don’t give a fuck
about them

Cassandra Kolsen

Written by lickmypoetry

December 3, 2010 at 10:54 am

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